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Best Food for Season Feast- Nutrition and Function of Seaweed Soup

Views:1396 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-02-21

season feast seaweed soup

Soup of Spring - made by laver and kelp 

Function: regulating spleen and stomach

Material: laver, kelp, shrimps, some flavoring

Soup of laver, kelp and shrimps tastes clear and thin. Due to dietary fiber contained by laver and kelp, which could balance your body fat and adjust the function of spleen and stomach. 

Soup of Spring - made by laver and kelp

Soup of Summer- made of laver tomato 

Function: keep your beauty and young

Material: laver, tomato, egg, some flavoring

As we know, Tomato contains a lot of vitamin C which can promote the absorption of iron and calcium from laver. This soup is suitable for iron deficiency anemia and calcium deficiency.

Soup of Summer- made of laver tomato

Soup of Autumn –made of laver, tofu, rabbit meat 

Function: lower your lipid and nourish your vitality

Material: laver, tofu, rabbit meat, some flavoring

Everyone knows you should care the maintenance of lung in autumn, tofu taste sweet and cool, which benefit your lung. Rabbit meat has the function of nourish your vitality. TCM thought laver is good for resolving phlegm, dampness and dieresis. Soup of above material will have great help for lowering your lipid and nourishing your vitality.

Soup of Autumn –made of laver, tofu, rabbit meat

Soup of Winter-made of laver and meat 

Function: prolong your life

Material: laver, meat, some flavoring

Laver is rich in high quality protein, iron, vitamin B12, which are important nutrition for blood making. This soup is easily absorbed by orders and it will prolong their life accordingly.

Soup of Winter-made of laver and meat