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2017 World Aquatic Exhibition Schedule

Views:1697 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-02-21

2017 World Aquatic Exhibition

An American businessman defines the trading exhibition as the most profitable transaction with the lowest cost in the shortest time and tiniest space. 

Exhibition Name


Xiamen Seafood Expo

From MAY 05,2017 to MAY 07,2017

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo(Qingdao)

From NOV 01,2017 to NOV 03,2017

Japan International Seafood &Technology Expo

From AUG 23,2017 to AUG 25,2017

Busan Aquatic Trading Exhibition

Pending StatusFrom OCT 27,2016 to OCT 29,2016

Germany BIOFACH 2017

From FEB 15,2017 to FEB 18,2017

SIAL Canada 2017

From MAY 02,2017 to MAY 04,2017

England International Food and Beverage Exhibition

From MAR 19,2017 to MAR 21,2017

Istanbul Food Exhibition

From SEP 07,2017 to SEP 10,2017

ABU dhabi Food Exhibition

From DEC 11,2017 to DEC 13,2017

Moscow World Food Exhibition

From SEP 11,2017 to SEP 14,2017

Asia Thai Food Exposition

From MAY 31,2017 to JUN 04 ,2017

Special Tips:

1. Proper selection of exhibition according to your conditions and current market prospect

2.Check the authenticity of exhibition organizers to avoid being tricked