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Reasons and Methods of Common Questions when Drying Seaweeds

Views:2557 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-08-21

1.Lacking Color and Luster or Devaluation

Main Reason


Excessive harvest, original seaweeds placing for a long time

Harvesting, cutting and making seaweeds with drying ability;

Storing original seaweeds in a agitation tank or cold storage, spreading out seaweeds and no stacking  

High temperature while cleaning seaweeds

Using cooling water

High indoor temperature


Lacking air discharge equipment

Installing air discharge fans

Too much salt in seaweeds

Getting rid of salt when cleaning original seaweeds

Withered and metamorphic original seaweeds when drying them with a high temperature

Lowering temperature

Blunted cutting blades

Changing the blade at a regular time

Backfiring when using burner and inhalation of too much smoke through a blower

Cleaning the burner

Loose fan belts to decrease the air volume  

Adjusting belt tension(pressing on the middle part of the belt with fingers in a distance of 10-15mm)

2. Under-dry seaweeds

Main Reason


Too fast machine operation speed

Slowing down the operation speed

Too low drying temperature

Raising the temperature

Changing the methods of making seaweeds midway(thick or thin)

Adjusting the speed and temperature to make the thickness moderate

Raising the temperature of drying machine and room

Change of air regularly to decrease humility

Burner breaking down midway

Inspecting tank facilities regularly;

Inspecting overloaded operation or broken lines

Dehydration sponge invalid

Inspecting dehydration sponge(like squeezing amount);

Cleaning or changing dehydration sponge

3. Partially wet of seaweeds

Main Reason


Uneven seaweeds

Checking deflecting to one side or uneven

Blunted cutting blades to make original seaweeds too long

Grinding the blade and eye plate regularly

4. Shrinking of seaweeds

Main Reason


Cutting seaweeds bad to make frond too long

Changing cutting machines

Lacking adhesiveness between seaweeds and bamboo mat

Choosing suitable bamboo mat or cutting original seaweeds more finely

Too high drying temperature

Quick drying easily making seaweeds shrink and drying seaweeds according to quality

Inappropriate cutting size

Choosing the number of knives in the blade and eye plate aperture according to seaweed quality

Decreased humility, asymmetrical temperature

Using secondary air, closing the window, stopping the operation of the ventilation fan to increase humility

5. Damage of seaweeds

Main Reason


Too high drying temperature to make excessive drying

Choosing corresponding temperature according to seaweed quality and adjusting drying speed     

Too low temperature to make excessive drying

Using secondary air, closing the window to increase humility

6. Damage or shrinking of seaweeds when drying is about to be over

Main Reason


Too low temperature

Closing the window, stopping the operation of the ventilation fan to prevent humility from decreasing when the making process is over;

Using secondary air to decrease drying humility and speed up the operation