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Secret of Common Sushi

Views:1926 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-09-22

Chinese Name:卷寿司
Japanese Name:巻き寿司
Makizushi is kind of common sushi, and can be divided into :Futo maki, Hoso maki, Uramaki, Temaki.

 Futo maki 

Diameter—about 5cm, contains many kinds of foodstuff. Its’ Character is rich ingredients. Lay the rice and vinegar on the whole nori sheet and put other ingredients in the middle of the nori, and then roll it with the sushi roll, and cut it into pieces with 1 cm thickness.

 Hoso maki 

one Hoso maki contains one foodstuff of ingredients, diameter about 3cm, it is easy to eat.


roll the foodstuff ingredients in the nori with the rice cover the outside, and with some sesame, caviar, and crab seeds on it.  


cone shaped sushi nori. Mix the foodstuff and vinegar, and roll the nori into cone shape.

2、Nigiri sushi
Chinese Name:握寿司
Japanese name :握り寿司

How to make:mix the sushi vinegar, cooked rice and other seasonings together and shaped them into small roll bar then put other cooked foodstuff on it.

How to eat:take it with clean hand or chopsticks; put some soybean sauce on the side without rice.


3、Aburi sushi
Chinese Name:炙寿司
Japanese Name:炙り寿司
How to make Aburi sushi that is grilled sushi, grilled slightly with fire spray on the food surface

Chinese Name:军舰寿司
Japanese Name:軍艦巻
How to make :Compact the rice and vinegar and cut them into 2cm thickness, wrap the rice one round with 3-4cm height nori, put the foodstuff in the middle of it.
How to eat:Most Japanese does not like add soybean sauce on the Gunkan-maki, it should be smeared the soy sauce by the cook with a brush, or drop some soybean sauce on it.


Chinese Name:押寿司
Japanese Name:押し寿司
How to make :the shape of Oshizushi is square and regular so it sometimes calls “box sushi” or “box press sushi”. Lay the foodstuff at the bottom of the press box, and then lay the vinegar rice. Or you can lay the different foodstuff and press then cut it into square shape.