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Food Safety Management in Roasted Seaweed Processing

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Food safety means that food meets relevant nutrition requirements, non-toxic, harmless and will not make any acute, subacute or chronic injury to health. The food safety can not be neglected during the progresses of producing and processing. And the good manufacture practices can be applied to prevent those potential hazards of food safety. HACCP is an important preventive method and a basic instrument to improve food safety.



According to the production features of roasted seaweeds, food safety management system applies in such aspects as production environment, the control of key process and product testing to ensure better food safety during the process of seaweed production and protect the health of consumers.
1. Operational PRPs
Formulating SSOP and strictly enforcing:
The specific contents are as follows:
①the water for food or food contact surface;
②the demands and cleanliness for food contact surface;
③prevention of cross-contamination;
④cleanliness and disinfection facilities for fitting rooms;
⑤sanitary control for producer goods;
⑥prevention of dopant contamination;
⑦employees' physical health and hygienic practices;
⑧sanitary control for package and storage and transportation, keeping dry products, anti-pest and anti-rat, fire prevention and other facilities
2.Control of Key Process

Chemical hazard control during processing
① rechecking of material
Testing chemical hazards like pesticide residue, sewage pollution, toxic metallic elements
② hazards of packing material
packing material with chemical residue in the production process and leading to microbial contamination during storage and transportation
③ biohazard control in the production process---roasting. Roasting is thermal process and contaminated pathogenic bacteria will be eliminated;
④ physical hazard control in the production process---foreign metallic body testing control.

Food safety management system is the control for roasted seaweeds and to improve the product safety, which ensures to implement security monitoring and protect consumer health.

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