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Wan Zi Hui Cuisine丨Fish Soup with Seaweeds, Nutritional and Delicious

Views:1118 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-11-06

Seaweeds are nutritional and delicious with fresh grass carp to stew reeky fish soup to warm heart and stomach!
A bowl of homely fish soup with seaweeds is simple to cook. Let’s learn together!


main materials:

500g grass carp, 5g porphyra haitanensis, 50g oilseed rape

Seasoning: shallot, 15g ginger, yellow rice wine, salt, pepper, lard


1. remove the scale and gills, cut off the gut from the back;

2. soak porphyra haitanensis with warm water for 2 minutes

3. clean the oilseed rape

cooking methods:

1. heat the wok and put the lard and oilseed rape, remove them from the pan in to the bowl;

2. set the high-temperature fire on the wok, put the lard, fry the grass carp;

3. put 750ml cold water, shallot, ginger and yellow rice wine;

4. boil them and put the porphyra haitanensis, simmer for 10 minutes until the fish soup is white;

5. remove them from the pan in to the bowl and add pepper.


main materials


·Grass carp is rich in protein, fat, calcium, phosphor, iron, vitamin B with the function of tonifying Qi and Xingpi appetizers for those who are yang deficiency of the spleen and stomach and loss of appetite;

·Seaweeds are rich in protein, iodine, dietary fiber, calcium and other vitamins and trace elements with the function to reduce heat and dissolve sputum and diuretic.

·Oilseed rape is rich in calcium, iron and vitamin C with the function of blood circulation, blood detumescence and body building. And it is beneficial to resist skin hyperkeratosis, so people might as well eat more oilseed rapes!
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