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How to choose high quality Chinese and Korean nori on Wan Zi Hui?

Views:1259 Author:WZH Publish Date:2017-11-13

Nori, as a foreign word, is the seaweed after roasting and seasoning. Due to delicious and fresh taste and nutrition, nori gets more and more popular among customers. There are many planting seaweed countries and the main places of origin are Japan, China and South Korea.


Chinese artificial cultivation originates from the 1970s and the common large-scale cultivation  varieties are porphyra yezoensis and porphyra haitanensis. And porphyra yezoensis is the principal raw material of nori. Nantong, Yancheng an Lianyungnag are the main places of origins, and cultivation scale and output covers up to 95% of porphyra yezoensis.


The raw materials of nori on sales mostly are from China and South Korea.

We can identify the quality of seaweed products through such three methods as observing, smelling and tasting.

1. Observing the color and shape

The high quality seaweeds are dark green and natural luster with the neat edge and well-balanced texture and no many holes, impurity and dark spots.

Many cheap seaweeds in the market are light weight because these seaweeds are too thin. And they are not suitable to make nori and gimbap,


2. Smelling

High quality seaweeds are delicious and fragrant without sea smell. If the seaweeds are heavily sea smell, it means the seaweeds are not fresh or have been the food spoilage. So that The nutritional value of products will go bad and they are advised not to be chosen.


3 tasting

Seaweeds are rich in dietary fiber and microelements. High quality seaweeds crisp and fresh with natural seafood flavor and sweet after taste. And the poor quality seaweeds add much seasoning to cover the sea smell of raw materials and use deep-fried method to cover the colour and taste of raw materials. 

How to make nori

The seaweeds can be harvested by many times and the first harvest seaweeds are most tender and most delicious after roasting. And the later harvest seaweeds are flexible and chewy. Seaweeds are very nutritious and there is a great variety of seaweed snacks. Reasonable and healthy edible method makes seaweed add color to your life.

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